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‘Yes, and…!” – Jumping into the unknown – Why don’t we do more of it?

The other day, I had a coffee with a friend who is promoting change in how we do democracy. She is particularly preoccupied with the way well-educated, professional middle (and upper middle) class people dominate the mainstream politics and the co… Continue reading

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I recently had coffee with a staff member of non-profit organization here in Chicago. I was meeting her to get to know the organization – as I love the work it does and want to see if can contribute while I’m in the area. I asked a lot of question… Continue reading

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Resource-full: reconfiguring how we create in community

On Tuesday, I did what parents around the world tell their children not to do. I turned up at a parking lot and met up with a bunch of people I did not know, but had found through the internet. I even got in cars with them and drove to another sta… Continue reading

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