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Last day of 2011 and I’m here in the Chicago suburbs, writing in the house where I grew up. Coming here was unexpected; I booked the ticket a few days before Christmas to arrive on Boxing Day and surprise my parents (they were delightfully surpris… Continue reading

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A beautiful story with radiant insights….

I don’t normally post so much in the course of a week, but I just watched a video that touched me deeply. So much so, I wanted to share right away – but not just by retweeting the link from TED. Thank you, Alberto Cairo, for telling this story: Th… Continue reading

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More on the matter of Trust…

So, I can’t get Trust out of my mind. In part, because I’ve been thinking I left something out of my last post – On the Matter of Trust. And here’s what I want to add… I described how I had awareness over the weekend that I was quick to distrust… Continue reading

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On the matter of Trust…

Well, well. Liam Barrington-Bush and I have not completed our joint blog post/article. And that’s okay. It isn’t because we are struggling with it, but we’ve both deprioritized it amidst various matters arising in our respective lives. Life is lik… Continue reading

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Collaboration – it ain’t easy, but it is worth it!

So, here’s what’s going on….a brief (by my usual standard) post… Liam Barrington-Bush and I are currently working on a joint post about Occupy. It came about from a chat we were having on Friday, where Liam said ‘Veena, you should blog about t… Continue reading

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The Bank of Ideas has got me thinking….

I was at the Bank of Ideas today. For those of you not aware, the Bank of Ideas is a UBS building taken over by squatters and affiliated with the Occupy London movement. I was there to meet up with some Occupiers (though these days none of them ar… Continue reading

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