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The other day at WiseFool circus camp, we were doing partner acrobatics. In one move, I was spotting someone to fly. She was flying with her hips on the feet of her base – a person on the ground, with … Continue reading

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A Clown’s Gift

At WiseFool circus camp on Saturday we did clowning. The teacher preferred the term red nose rather than clown. Why? Clowns have a bad rap in some ways. “Stop clowning around” or “He’s such a clown” is what people say, … Continue reading

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The Springboard of Acceptance

The dance of WiseFool circus camp and collective creativity continues. Since I last wrote (Thursday morning), we’ve done more conditioning together, learned stilts, clowning and juggling. A common theme throughout has been the importance of the practice of acceptance.  In … Continue reading


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What if power isn’t a zero-sum game?

Last night was day three of WiseFool Circus Camp that started on Monday. Last night, we did warm ups, acrobatics and then silks (a.ka. aerial acrobatics with hanging fabrics).  Once again, I’m finding myself thinking about power. Power is the … Continue reading

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Last night was the first day of ELEVATE – a circus ‘boot camp’ by WiseFool. I’ve written about WiseFool before (Courage on Stilts). The WiseFool motto is “Changing lives one circus at at time.” Boot camp is for two weeks … Continue reading

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