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What if….?

What if, this thing they call “Generalized Anxiety Disorder” here in the United States (and elsewhere probably, where they have psychiatrists and psychologists) is actually a sham? I’m not saying the we don’t have anxiety, aren’t feeling anxious and aren’t … Continue reading

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Find a partner and create play…

Well, I’m so glad to be blogging again after nearly a rather long hiatus. I’m still very much thinking about creativity, creative process. And dance. Sometime in April, I went to an ecstatic dance night in Vauxhall, London hosted by Urubu. I … Continue reading

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We all are creative – let’s own it!

The word CREATIVE, I want to us to reclaim it. How many times have you heard someone say, or have you said, “I’m not very creative”?  Basically, when we say this, we are using it to say “I’m not very … Continue reading

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