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I am they are you – breaking down the distinction between us and them

Last week I wrote about violence in inner-city Chicago. I repeatedly posed the question: “Why don’t we care more about what’s going on in our violence plagued communities?” This question plagued me back in March after seeing segments from The Inte… Continue reading


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Why don’t we care more?

The nation is shocked and horrified by the recent random shooting in a Colorado cinema that left dozens of people dead and nearly sixty people injured. My sympathies go out to their families and friends. I’m also deeply sorry for us as a nation. I… Continue reading

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The Work of Conflict is the Work of Peace

Last night, a friend was talking about an exchange he had with his wife. He concluded: “Well, I just wanted to keep the peace, so I didn’t say anything.” Who doesn’t want peace? Actually, a lot of people don’t want peace and I’m sure you’ve met th… Continue reading

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What do we mean by resources?

I have been thinking a lot about resources lately. I have a particular moment that keeps coming to mind. Last year, I attended a workshop on community engagement. Someone from an organization, one I believe had just received government monies to t… Continue reading

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Jumping into Spirit: exploring the territory of spirituality and social activism

The other day I wrote a post for a blog I write with my dear friend Olivia Sprinkel: Dancing All the Way. Until recently, I’ve tended to think of that blog as a personal one and this blog as a professional one. Now I fully accept that this is a fa… Continue reading

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