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The ugly in beauty

This past week, I kept stumbling into conversations about the ugly in beauty. In the most recent conversation, a friend said “Ahh, it’s kind of like that whole you can’t have light without dark thing, right?” Yes, I guess it is. … Continue reading


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Clown Logic – where could it take us?

Clown logic. That’s what we focused on this week in red nose, a.k.a. clowning class. In a clown’s world, many problems arise. Problems arise that in our world might be easily solved. My shoelace unties and I can’t figure out … Continue reading

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I am angry – acknowledging the price of assimilation

I’m angry. I think it is an anger that was seeded many moons ago. With each moon, it has been steadily growing. I didn’t know it was there, until recently. What am I angry about? My assimilated life. My parents … Continue reading

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“Whatchyadoin’?” – more musings on being led by our red noses

Wise Fool red noses (a.k.a. clowns) are leading me to all sorts of curious places. Last night we did solo and partner performances. I did my first solo performance and I tanked it. I wasn’t funny.  I had trouble navigating … Continue reading

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What if we were to follow our red-noses?

Another week, another red-nose workshop with Wise Fool.  This past week in red-nose (aka, clowning), we were each asked to perform a three to five minute sketch that brought to life the music of our clown characters. We got through four … Continue reading

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