I am happy to talk with people about any of the content in this blog and/or my work. What’s my work? I support individuals and organizations to navigate conflict, a stumbling block, an uncomfortable professional relationship or simply the sense of feeling stuck. I do this through using my skills and experience as a writer, a bridge-maker, a storyteller, and an insight listener.

I choose to work with people who are passionate about, and want to take responsibility for, creating a healthier, kinder, vibrant world. My work is underpinned by my commitment to (r)evolution: the daily practice of using our creativity and power to give rise to and nurture loving and restorative relationships with our selves, each other and the planet.

You can use the form below to introduce yourself to me. In the comment section, I ask that you please (1) tell me what’s piqued your interest about my work and/or something I’ve written and (2) state a specific request, e.g. let’s do a SKYPE call to get to know each other. I will try to respond promptly.


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