See & Connect is a blog where I think aloud.  I’m Veena Vasista. I’ve got a passion for creating healthier, more regenerative communities (families, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, etc).  Within that broad space, my thinking tends to focus on who/how we are being in the collective creative process that is life and how we live together. For me, what we like to call social change is simply (HA! If only it were simple…) a desire to change how we live together – and thus is also a collective creative process or – if you will – a dance.

Like life itself, re-creating relationships, systems, structures, power dynamics, etc is messy, complex and more or less an on-going experiment. The process – if we choose – can be playful, imaginative and beautiful as well as soul-wrenching, painful and scary-as-hell. I like to blog about both the beast and the beauty (often the two are entwined, no?). We can be dragged into the creative process kicking and screaming or we can saunter into it, maybe even jump into it excited (rather than petrified or even repelled) by the mystery of what is to come. Or – as I seem to be experiencing right now – we can have a bit of both going on at the same time.

I’m hoping the content of this blog will support you in your creative process and in your commitment to creating healthier, more regenerative communities. I call it See & Connect because that’s what I like to do – come at things from different perspectives because I believe that if we want to create a different world, we need to see and connect differently with our selves, each other and the creative process. As Einstein said: “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”

I encourage you to leave comments, especially in the form of questions and stories – your story, perhaps….

For more information about who I am and where I’m coming from, check out My Story.


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