I enjoyed Monday, 10th October. It was thought-provoking, I met new people with different perspectives. I felt affirmed in my approaches to leadership, engagement and collaboration. I expanded physically and mentally. What did I do? I attended two very different yet related events. From 10am to 5pm I was at the RSA with nineteen people I hadn’t met before. Well, okay, I had attended an Ethical Fitness® workshop with one person in February 2010 – but I didn’t know that until I arrived and she didn’t make the connection until I did. Not knowing the organisers or other participants, I haven’t a clue how I got invited to this ‘Collaboration Colloquium’ as they called it. Yet, in the spirit of adventure, and really in the mood to meet new people and hear different ideas, I went along. In the evening, I went to a workshop run by the School of Movement Medicine, called Move! I could write a lot about both happenings. What I’ll stick to is a space where they intersect – a space which is increasingly becoming a passionate interest for me: the relationship between individual personal transformation and systemic/structural change.

a space where I new I was see familiar friendly faces and new ones, a very safe space where I could be in and express my truth. I can write a lot about both.

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