A beautiful story with radiant insights….

I don’t normally post so much in the course of a week, but I just watched a  video that  touched me deeply. So much so, I wanted to share right away – but not just by retweeting the link from TED. 

Thank you, Alberto Cairo, for telling this story: There are no scraps of men

I saw/listened to him and the following came to mind:

No research. No focus groups. No expert panels or task forces. No pilot projects. No strategy meetings. No consultations. 

Only human beings…

willing to take risks

in search of dignity

ready to break rules

asking for help

believing in each other

being courageous

being fiercely disciplined

being open to the unimaginable

teaching one another

learning from one another

collaborating with no plan

with eyes opened

with hearts touched

with spirits awakened.

Powerful warriors living in a battlefield – waging a different kind of war.


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