What if….?

What if, this thing they call “Generalized Anxiety Disorder” here in the United States (and elsewhere probably, where they have psychiatrists and psychologists) is actually a sham?

I’m not saying the we don’t have anxiety, aren’t feeling anxious and aren’t feeling fear in our hearts. But what if, it isn’t actually a disorder – but a sign of disorder? What if it is   our bodies way of telling us that we are living in a state that goes against the order of things? Goes against the order of things in the sense that we are killing ourselves rather than trying to live?

That is to say, what if we feel panicky and anxious and sometimes literally CANNOT BREATHE because our breath  and life is being sucked out of us? You see, another word for breath is spirit – from the latin spirare.  Spirit can also mean animating or vital principle in man or animals – from the french espirit.  So, what if so many of us are anxious and depressed because we are sensing that with each day we are becoming less and less alive – and this feels scary, because we don’t want to die?

I breath, therefore I am. I am, therefore I create.

What if, here in the United States all this talk of disorder and deficit, e.g. Attention Deficit Disorder, is really a way of getting us to ignore the truth of our own abundance and, I say again, the  order of things? What if it is getting us to relinquish our creative powers in order, well, to keep a different kind of order? What if, really, each and every one of us has crazy power to create a nourishing and regenerative world for all who inhabit it?

What if anxiety is all the creative energy being channeled into fear, as a way of getting our attention to say, nay to scream: “I’M HERE!!! DON’T LET ME DIE!”  Workshop after workshop, healer after healer talk about our wounded children that we carry inside and the need to heal the wounded child or not let the wounds take over our lives. What if that wounded child represents our powerfully creative self reduced to a little girl or boy trembling in the corner?

What if we all decided to revive these children and reclaim our creative power? To own it, take responsibility for it? What if we decided that our fear is not a symptom of something wrong with us, but a symptom of something right – in the sense that something in us wants us to save that child, to save that creative power, to save our spirit so that we can breath new life into the world?

What if…?

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